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The name is program. The solution for demanding applications in a defined field of application: Proven pump series and versions with optimum delivery times thanks to our own process-oriented production line. Of course in the proven HERMETIC quality with suitable monitoring technology.

Spaltrohrmotorpumpe Typ CN-CNF Spaltrohrmotorpumpe Typ CN-CNF
Spaltrohrmotorpumpe Typ CAM Spaltrohrmotorpumpe Typ CAM


The starting point: Special requirements on the part of the customer due to extreme areas of use and dangerous fluids that can not be covered by the V-Line. You define the requirements and our experts work with you to develop the perfectly tailored canned motor pump. Produced to the highest performance and quality requirements.

With the E-Line we can handle the most difficult requirements. Our portfolio covers a wide range of sizes, designs and performance. Motiv3-e-line_2x