Supply of the world’s largest canned motor pump

New motor series enables a power output up to 670 kW

Canned motor pumps are almost maintenance free due to the lack of wear parts. The seal less hermetic design features with secondary containment shell ensure optimal safety for pumping toxic media. Therefore, this technology is increasingly being used in the chemical and petrochemical industry. The latest trend in the plant engineering for these industries is focused more and more on world scale plants. These Mega-Scale fabrications allow efficient and cost-optimized production under consideration of optimized plant operation in order to avoid additional transportation. Based on these facts canned motor pumps are facing more and more requirements in respect of the larger pumping flow rates and consequently larger drive power. HERMETIC supplied the world’s largest canned motor pumps with a power output of 670 kW at the beginning of February 2012. The vertical multistage pumps in Tandem design are equipped with the latest motor generation of the HERMETIC series NO90. Provided with a height of 4,3 m and a total weight of 7,3 tons these vertical pumps in high pressure design are pumping cryogenic liquids at a total differential head up to 2300 m.

This new motor generation NO90 is available in explosion-proof design and was certified by the PTB.