Hermetic Refrigeration Pumps for secured refrigerant and cooling circuits

Industrial refrigeration and cooling technology is required to meet the highest quality standards. HERMETIC offers an efficient, reliable quality pump for your refrigeration plants. Hermetically sealed pumps ensure a safe and controlled way of pumping refrigerants. You will profit from the following features by using a HERMETIC refrigerant pump:

Function of a canned motor pump type CNF

Function of a canned motor pump type CAM

Pump Applications with HERMETIC Refrigerant Pumps

One pump, all applications! Our new-generation refrigerant pumps have been designed for all applications: Regardless of whether NH₃, CO₂, water/glycol mixtures or synthetic oils or others is/are involved, the HERMETIC pumps from our stock meet the requirements.

Our canned motor pumps have been used in a wide range of applications for more than 5 decades:

Use of Natural Refrigerants in HERMETIC Refrigeration Pumps

Over the past few years, a trend shift has become increasingly evident: Environmental awareness as well as social responsibility have steadily grown in the refrigeration industry. Proven synthetic refrigerants as well as natural refrigerants like ammonia and carbon dioxide have now also penetrated the market. The operation of ammonia and CO₂ refrigeration plants is considered climate-neutral and thus environment-friendly, as they do not contribute to ozone layer destruction. In addition, ammonia and carbon dioxide are hardly flammable, which ensures the safety of your refrigeration plants.

einstufige_Spaltrohrmotorpumpe_Typ_CNF single-stage canned motor pump type CNF

mehrstufige_Spaltrohrmotorpumpe_Typ_CAM multistage canned motor pump type CAM

mehrstufige_Spaltrohrmotorpumpe_Typ_CAMR multistage canned motor pump type CAMR

mehrstufige_Spaltrohrmotorpumpe_Typ_CAMh multistage canned motor pump type CAMh

As a result of this ecological change, the demands concerning refrigeration equipment and components have changed accordingly. Higher design pressures, new sealing materials and Modular designs are now required. Low life-cycle costs and increased energy efficiency are demands that are implemented in our pump technology. As an essential feature, refrigeration plants must operate in a hermetically sealed way. Thus, the importance of leakfree operation has become more and more important for engineering, ecological and economical reasons. Therefore, both safety in plants as well as environmental protection play an important role in business strategies of plant operators. HERMETIC ammonia and CO₂ refrigeration pumps are energy-efficient, ecologically responsible and absolutely safe. With a highly innovative refrigeration technology, HERMETIC pumps guarantee highest quality and safety standards and are exclusively designed to meet our clients’ needs.

With decades of experience, innovation and continuous technological improvement, HERMETIC has been dedicated to the development and production of hermetically sealed pumps for more than 60 years. Plants in the chemical and petrochemical industry, as well as process engineering systems, are our main application focus. We successfully apply our experience made in these areas in the refrigeration industry. Worldwide, we provide refrigeration plants with our high quality refrigerant pumps. Currently, there are more than 90,000 HERMETIC pumps installed in refrigeration systems around the globe.

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