CO2 and Ammonia in Industrial Refrigeration Plants

Challenges, as well as tips and solutions for selecting pumps

Canned Motor Pumps for High Temperatur Applications in Solar Thermal Power Stations

Canned motor pumps for high temperature applications are used in many technical and industrial processes requiring the supply of process heat.

Improved energy efficiency in refrigeration plants

According to the European EDL directive (final energy efficiency and energy services), 9 % energy savings over a nine-year-period – in comparison to a reference period – should be possible through targeted measures. A current topic is energy savings in industrial refrigeration plants taking natural refrigerants such as NH3 and CO2 as a basis.

Each stage plays an important role

The use of multistage canned motor pumps
This article informs about the use of multistage pumps by taking into the account the life-cycle costs and the potential savings of energy.

Use of Constant Flow Regulators

A contribution to saving energy

HERMETIC pumps for the refrigeration industry

In choosing pumps for the forced re-circulation of refrigerants in large-scale refrigeration systems, the data on the specific systems and pumps and the design criteria is of great importance.

Canned motor pumps in compliance with API 685 – A contribution to environmental protection

According to the European IPPC Directive 96/61/EC and its BAT leaflets canned motor pumps are considered as the “best available technology” for the conveyance of dangerous and ecologically harmful media.

Vertical submersible pumps in the chemical and petrochemical industry

The HERMETIC canned motor submersible pump provides the optimum solution for difficult installations. Essentially there are two different installations in the tank and in the vessel.