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HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH is a leading developer and manufacturer of hermetically sealed pumps and pumping technologies. The specialist for canned motor pumps has earned a worldwide reputation for its safe and long-lasting pumps, which can be used for the most extreme applications and conveying hazardous media. HERMETIC pumps are suitable for fluid temperatures ranging from –160 °C up to +480 °C and system pressures up to 120 MPa. With power outputs from 1 kW to 690 kW, HERMETIC offers the largest capacity canned motor pumps on the market.

HERMETIC employs around 440 people at its headquarters in Germany and has subsidiaries in China and the USA. In conjunction with its worldwide service and contract partner network, HERMETIC offers reliable customer service over the entire life cycle of a plant.

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Safe pump technology from HERMETIC contributes to Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) value chain

In March of 2023, CO₂ has been stored underground for the first time worldwide, and on a transnational basis, within the scope of project “Greensand” to counteract the effects of climate change. This project demonstrates how CO₂ emission sources can be combined with suitable CO₂ storage areas. Canned motor pumps from HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH are used within the scope of the CCS value chain, which involves the separation of carbon dioxide, its transportation and the geological storage of CO₂ below the seabed. 

Press Release

Changes in the executive board at HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH 

From September 2023, the operating business will be the responsibility of Nicolaus Krämer and Sebastian Dahlke.

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Ammonia - the natural refrigerant

Our developed society depends on industrially produced refrigeration. Whether at home, in industrial production processes or in air-conditioning systems – refrigeration is a central element everywhere. 

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Ammonia – The Natural Refrigerant

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