The solution for CO2 applications in the refrigeration industry.

Technological advantage

Improved hydrodynamic bearings for CO2 applications. The new design for low viscosity and minimized friction offers outstanding durability and reliability.

Proven design

HERMETIC‘s extensive experience in industrial refrigeration results in high quality products. The CAM 2 series has been in service for decades in refrigeration systems, successfully handling natural refrigerants such as CO2 and NH3.

High-pressure design

the CAMh pump is designed to pump CO2 at 52 bars of pressure, all CAMh pumps are hydrotested at 78 bars of pressure. Absolutely safe. Absolutely leakage free.

Technical Data

Operating temperature:–50 °C up to 15 °C
Capacity:1 m3/h up to 14 m3/h
Head:up to 85 m
Motor power:3 kW up to 7.4 kW
Nominal pressure:52 bars
Test pressure:78 bars