HERMETIC canned motor pumps acc. to API 685
Best Available Technology for the Refinery and Petrochemical Industry


Our pumps are designed for your typical hydrocarbon process industry (HPI) application, such as:


Please notice:

HERMETIC canned motor pumps are generally equipped with our ZART® technology (no contact = no wear = no hazzle) and characterized for their low noise emissions.


Medium duty type CN / CNF / CNK

HERMETIC canned motor pumps are economical, reliable and executed with foot-mounted hydraulics (type OH1 acc. to API610).


Your benefits

  • highest safety
  • highest reliability
  • economical


Heavy duty type CNP / CNPF / CNPK

HERMETIC canned motor pumps acc. to API 685 are produced and installed since 2003, executed with centerline-mounted API 610 hydraulics (OH2).


Your benefits

  • highest experience in oil and gas services
  • highest safety
  • highest reliability
  • lowest total cost of ownership
  • handles highest nozzle loads
  • for high pressure applications

Function of a canned motor pump type CNF


Everything is possible “Engineered to Order”– Customized solutions for challenging applications

If horizontal or vertical, if single-or multistage, if normal mounted or designed as submersible pump. You will profit by the know-how and engineering skills of HERMETIC.

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