History of HERMETIC

Tradition and continual innovation are considered as the main characteristics of our company. After 150 years which have been dedicated to the pump construction with its various pump types, we are in a position to provide our customers with a consolditated knowledge when assisting with their problems in line with the market.
A great experience combined with the latest production methods guarantees a pump technology of high quality.

Thanks to business acumen and a great number of longstanding employees of 40-50 the products of HERMETIC are well-known and used worldwide. We put an area-wide net of consultation and service in 43 states at our customers‘ diposal.

2019HERMETIC acquires the majority of the previous service company MECAFLUX-HERMETIC S.A.R.L. The new, old company now operates under the name HERMETIC-Mecaflux S.A.S.
2018HERMETIC presents the realignment of the portfolio for the first time on the ACHEMA (E-Line; V-Line; S-Line)
2017Relocation of HERMETIC-Pumps Inc., USA, to newly created office and company building
2016Three reasons to celebrate: 150 years of company history, 60 years HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH and the grand opening of the new production hall
2015A new record is set: HERMETIC produced the heaviest and largest canned motor pump - with 20 tons and a total height of over 6 meters
2014Our new competence center for South-East Asia: Establishment and opening of HERMETIC-Pumps Singapore Pte. Ltd.
2013Successful introduction of Lean Production at HERMETIC
2012Delivery of the world's largest canned open-cell engine with a capacity of 670 kW and explosion protection according to ATEX directive
2011The canned motor series No90 with a novel cooling and explosion protection concept hits the market
2010Restructuring and extension of the after Sales service
2009Extension and relocation of shaft production line and training workshop
2008  Restructuring of the new pump production for process optimization
HERMETIC and LEDERLE merge into HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH
50 years HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH
Formation of HERMETIC Inc, in Houston USA, operating as a distribution company of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH and LEDERLE GmbH Pumpen- und Maschinenfabrik.
Start of production at Dalian HERMETIC Sealless Pumps Co., Ltd.
Foundation of HERMETIC-Pumpen Hungary, situated in Budapest, which operates as a 100% subsidiary of HERMETIC Wien
Formation of Dalian HERMETIC Sealless Pumps Co., Ltd. in China as a Joint Venture with HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH (51%) and Dalian Danai Pump Co., Ltd. (49%)
New building for a separate repair department of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH in Gundelfingen
Development of seal-less pumps with magnetic drive
Removal of the subsidiary LEDERLE GmbH Pumpen- und Maschinenfabrik from Freiburg to Gundelfingen
Foundation of a 100% distribution company called HERMETIC-Pumpen Ges.m.b.H, situated in Wien with branches in the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria
The production ”waterworks and sewage works with electrical switchgears and controlling devices“ was excluded from the subsidiary and introduced into LEDERLE GmbH Wasserversorgung- und Abwasser, situated in Gundelfingen
The sales department for canned motor pumps was integrated into HERMETIC
Change of name ”Guss- und Stahlveredelung“ into HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH.
New company building incl. administrative department designated for the production of canned motor pumps in Gundelfingen.
Purchase of estate in Gundelfingen, to the north of Freiburg
Spin-off of production, construction and administration of canned motor pumps into ”Guss- und Stahlveredelung“ with a staff of 75 employees.
Establishment of a material processing association ”Guss- und Stahlveredelung“
Development of our leakage-free canned motor pumps
Hedwig Lederle was succeeded by Hermann Krämer who managed the company group until 1993
When Moritz Lederle died, his wife Hedwig Lederle carried on managing the company group until 1945
After the death of Wilhelm Lederle, continuation of the company by his son Moritz Lederle
The name of the company LEDERLE Mechanische Werkstätte was converted into LEDERLE Pumpen- und Maschinenfabrik
Relocation of the company LEDERLE to the outskirts of Freiburg to the district Stühlinger.
1866 Foundation of the company LEDERLE by Wilhelm Lederle, which operates as mechancial workshops, situated in Endingen at the Kaiserstuhl.