Corporate policy

HERMETIC is a family-owned company run by partners with a commitment to maintaining the identity of HERMETIC as a family-owned business. The company has been established for the purpose of the “manufacture and sale of pumps and systems as well as the manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems. The company is entitled to acquire and establish identical or similar businesses and to acquire interests therein, represent these, set up branch offices as well as pursue all business transactions, as appropriate, to enhance and promote the business undertakings of the company. The company is permitted to perform services of any kind.”

The partnership agreement is the foundation for the vision, mission, core values and guidelines of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH that form the basis for any action or conduct. They reflect the corporate policy, the organization, the politics and the self-image of the company.

HERMETIC stands for reliability and continuity, for predictability and business operations and management guided by prudence, and for decision-making and conduct that is responsible and sustainable. Its commitment to social responsibility is part of HERMETIC’s self-image.

For HERMETIC it is essential that its corporate strategy remains focused on customer satisfaction and that the great appreciation of customers for HERMETIC products is ensured.

HERMETIC also pursues the clear quality standard of being the number one in its market segment. We offer high-quality products.

Innovation and research and development therefore play an important role at HERMETIC. The qualification of employees through continuous training is also essential for the company. And it is vital for us to seek new challenges and build consumer value through innovation.

Corporate policy

Corporate policy of HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH dates 25. August 2017

Certificate ISO 9001 / Certificate ISO 14001

Quality and Environmental Management System for Developing and manufacturing processes, sales activities, repair and service of hermetically sealed centrifugal pumps with canned motors or magnetic drive, positive-displacement pumps, vacuum pumps, compressors, complete systems and stirring devices with conventional or hermetic seal, as well as conventional centrifugal pumps.Valid until August 7th, 2021