Glycol pumps for cooling inverters in wind turbines
Lightweight – Durable – Powerful – LC

Wind turbines need a frequency inverter to adapt the resulting frequency to the grid frequency. The conversion process releases a large amount of heat during operation that needs to be dissipated. This is a major problem mainly in offshore installations due to poor accessibility and maintainability.

For this reason, offshore wind turbines often need durable components. A popular design of the cooling unit is the use of a refrigerant consisting of a water-glycol mixture in combination with a canned motor pump.

Main requirements of the refrigeration unit / for offshore wind turbines:

  • Durable
  • Space-saving

Our solution: LC pump – durable, lightweight, powerful

Due to the limited space available and the need for a durable, maintenance-free system for wind turbines, canned motor pumps are increasingly being used.

Key benefits of the canned motor pump LC series specially designed for cooling inverters:

DurabilityMean Time Between Failures (MTBF) > 130,000 h
DesignExtremely compact
PriceAttractive prices and low life-cycle costs
FlexibilityFast development to meet individual customer requirements
SafetyHermetically sealed system without media loss
MountingHorizontal and vertical mounting as well as 90° versions
Weight Approx.–20 % weight compared to conventional
ProtectionHighest corrosion and fire protection

LC pump – technical dat

Delivery rate (50 Hz)up to 19.2 m3/h (up to 320 l/min)
Pumping head (50 Hz)up to 38 m
Motor output1.0 kW to 3.0 kW
Nominal pressure10 bar
Operating temperature–40 °C to +80 °C
Weight< 42 kg
Noise level (50 Hz / 60 Hz)< 68 dB
Type of protection (motor)IP 66
Corrosion protection (paintwork)up to C5
Fire protection (paintwork)R1 and R7 for HL1, HL2 and HL3
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