Canned motor pumps with high availability

In process plant technology, centrifugal pumps are among the most common machines. Great importance is attached to their operational reliability and functional efficiency. In view of the difficulties and especially the costs associated with the maintenance of mechanical seals, plant designers and operators have increasingly recognised the advantages of the canned motor pump.

HERMETIC Spaltrohrmotorpumpe Typ CAM60/2HERMETIC canned motor pump type CAM60/2

In practice, it has been found that hermetic pumps are generally less susceptible to repairs than conventional chemical pumps with mechanical seals and thus have a longer service life. As such, in addition to absolute leak tightness and high reliability, hermetic pumps offer the further advantage of minimal maintenance combined with high availability.

Hermetic centrifugal pumps have distinguished themselves not only by increased reliability and availability, but also by lower life cycle costs compared to conventional chemical pumps with mechanical seals (MS).

HERMETIC Spaltrohrmotorpumpe Typ CNF 125-400HERMETIC canned motor pump type CNF 125-400

Preferred fields of application for hermetic pumps

Canned motor pumps are preferred in the chemical and petrochemical industry, but also for simple pumping tasks, such as circulating pumps in industrial refrigeration equipment.

In general, the following media are conveyed: aggressive, toxic, explosive, hot, cryogenic, malodorous, volatile, flammable or carcinogenic substances – in brief, media that represent an environmental and health hazard.

Function of a canned motor pump type CNF

Function of a canned motor pump type CAM

Function of a canned motor pump type CAM-Tandem

Advantages of canned motor pumps at a glance: