Canned Motor Pumps from HERMETIC
Safety and reliability

Canned motor pumps have been produced by HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH since 1956 – and are also a model of success more than half a century after their development. They are used in numerous applications, from the chemical industry through the oil and gas industry to refrigeration and solar technology; HERMETIC is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide in the field of hermetically sealed pumps.


For the safe delivery of aggressive, toxic, hot, deep-cold, explosive, precious and flammable liquids as well as liquid gases.


Canned motor pumps (SMP) prove long service life in comparison to magnetically coupled pumps (MKP) and conventional centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal (GLRD). 75% of the pump failures are caused by damage to shaft seals, roller bearings or couplings. This is not the case with canned motor pumps: these components are structurally dispensed with, ensuring high operating safety and low life cycle costs.


HERMETIC pumps are equipped with the „ZART®“ technology (Zero Axial and Radial Thrust). It ensures a contact-free and wear-free running of the rotor unit. Each pump for the chemical and petrochemical industry is tested before delivery. Hydrodynamic restoring forces are detected and recorded using a specially developed measuring instrument.

Function of a canned motor pump type CNF

HERMETIC – Canned motor pump – EN

Function of a canned motor pump type CAM

HERMETIC | CAM Canned motor pump | EN

Function of a canned motor pump type CAM-Tandem

HERMETIC | Canned motor pump type CAM-Tandem | EN

More than 260.000 maintenance free HERMETIC pumps prove our success