Proven pump series and designs for common applications in the chemical and petrochemical industries

Select your pump in less than 2 minutes with the exclusive V-Line
Expert Tool.

The application grid includes pumping heads from 12 to 295 m, pumping capacities from 1.0 to 130 m3/h, fluid temperatures from 
–50 °C to +180 °C, power levels from 8 to 48 kW and pressure ratings from 16 to 40 bar.

Quick selection based on your operating data such as:

  • Operating Point (delivery head, temperature and volume flow)
  • Plant parameters (net voltage, net frequency, system pressure, NPSHA)
  • Liquid data (density, dyn. viscosity, vapor pressure etc.)
  • Equipment (leveling monitoring, temperature monitoring, rotation monitoring)
  • Accessories (drains, gaskets, flange design, inducer etc.) Real time simulation of your pump based on database of liquids or your own data
  • Easy overview of all relevant performance values
  • Comparison of pumps regarding the criteria you define (hydr. efficiency, power consumption etc.)
  • Access to pump reports
  • Share your pump project with your colleagues


01 | HERMETIC Expert Tool | Intro

02 | HERMETIC Expert Tool | Pump design

03 | HERMETIC Expert Tool | Graphical user interface

04 | HERMETIC Expert Tool | “H(Q)-Chart” Panel

05 | HERMETIC Expert Tool | “Pump list” Panel

06 | HERMETIC Expert Tool | “Theoretical curves” Panel