Quality right from the start!

The company HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH is certified since 1994 according to DIN ISO 9001. Quality in project engineering, in the construction, on materials, while manufacturing, with logged examinations as well as with the documentation leads to the fulfilment of the required tasks posed through HERMETIC. Our highly stringent quality requirements is the basis for the success of the customer.

Quality secures partnerships!

Quality acknowledges the recognition of mutual responsibility between manufacturer and customer. HERMETIC will honour this recognition by implementing secure processes. We regard Quality Management to be a diverse process which unites tried and tested tradition with new standards. The QM-system initiates and coordinates the interaction of all different tasks into one successful whole.

Quality for the full life of the pump!

There are many factors that contribute to the lengthy service life of a pump and quality is one of them. Prices, deadlines and product quality are all our priorities. Our constant aim is to enable our individual customers to achieve technical and economic success through the use of our pumps.

Certificate ISO 9001 / Certificate ISO 14001

Quality and Environmental Management System for Developing and manufacturing processes, sales activities, repair and service of hermetically sealed centrifugal pumps with canned motors or magnetic drive, positive-displacement pumps, vacuum pumps, compressors, complete systems and stirring devices with conventional or hermetic seal, as well as conventional centrifugal pumps.Valid until August 7th, 2021