A unique quality feature

ZART® design philosophy for canned motor pumps


  • prevent damages
  • lowest emissions
  • secondary containment
  • quality assurance for each pump


  • lowest TCO (total costs of ownership)
  • lowest unexpected shutdown costs
  • lowest maintenance expenses


  • highest MTBF (mean time between failure)
  • no contact = no wear = no worries
  • suitable for challenging services

Canned motor pumps for the chemical and petrochemical industries are generally equipped with ZART®.

From standard pumps up to „Engineered to Order“ customized solutions – pumps benefit from the unique HERMETIC technology.

Making of – an outstanding piece of pump technology


HERMETIC Pump Model CAMTV for LNG/LPG and Ethylene applications

HERMETIC technical features

  • MAP–LVDT-based rotor position monitoring
  • ZART® design philosophy (Zero Axial and Radial Thrust)
  • Magnetic support bearing
    – no contact in standstill and operation
    – unique technology for vertical canned motor pumps

Pump features

Motor:up to 690 kW
Flow rate:350 m3/h
Head:900 m
Variable frequency drive:12 to 70 Hz
Total height:6.20 m
Total weight:20 t
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